--FINALLY: Version 1.0 is out!!!
Did you wonder why nothing happened on this site in the last 5 months? Well, that's because many things changed in my life, I have less free time now, but even though I've been continously working on stalmp3box, always when I managed to arrange some time for it. And here is the result: Version 1.0 is out! For me, that would be a reason for having a party ;-), and for you, what does it mean for you? Well, read this: Main changes and features are:

    Added a Random Play Mode, so that you can have your songs in the playlist being played in a random order and no song will be repeated!
    Added support for importing M3U-Playlist-files (Winamp, XMMS)
    Improved the scrolling display when playing (much nicer now)
    Improved some issued related to playing and control (look new file CHANGES in tarball for details)
    Fixed many bugs (issues related to QUIET MODE; handling of wrong commands and error handling; wrong scroll position after quiet, etc.) All earlier reported "official" bugs have been fixed, except for one...
    There are two new files now in the tarball: CHANGES (a changelog, read it to know the changes in detail) and TODO (what is still to do, and feature requests, aswell as what has been done)

    -- On this website, I've made changes to:
    Installation and Configuration Page (updated the Command Keys listing)
    Hardware page (I now have a new CD-ROM drive and I'm very happy with it -- more details on the hardware page)
    The next thing to do is:
    update some of the programs on the download page (especially OGG/Vorbis)

    -- Attention: If you're upgrading from 0.9.4 or earlier to this new 1.0, it's not enough to just update the binary "stalmp3box" on your target computer, you must also update the following files: keymap

    And the most important: This is finally the 1.0 release!

    That's another reason why I really need some BETA-Testers now! It's important to discover all eventual bugs left and to find out what could be improved. Also, here is a message to all of you out there who already built or started building sTaLMP3Box: PLEASE tell me about your experiences! It's extremely important for my work on this project, and I didn't have enough feedback yet. Write to this e-mail:

--After a long time, Version 0.9.4 is finally there!! Main changes and features are:
    Added a Keymap-file, which allows you to change the mapping of the control keys of sTaLMP3Box (I did this because some of you requested it, and because it seemed to me very useful, too, because it's never good when a program is fixed to always the same keys to control it.
    Added a piece of code so that in case of songs with no ID3-Tag or Vorbis-Tag, and with underscores ("_") in the filename instead of spaces, the underscores are removed and substituted by spaces, which looks so much nicer and is the same feature as Winamp and XMMS have.)
    Fixed a few very nasty bugs (among others the random crash after select all or delete all in the playlist)
    Some other minor improvements
--> Check out on the "Feature Request" page of the project page what new ideias and improvements I've come with for the program. Add yours if you got some good! :)
--> Added some important improvements to the installation and configuration pages on this website, because some users didn't get enough help from it to be able to install and use the programm properly.

--Version 0.9.3 is out!! Main changes and features are:
    Added OGG/Vorbis support!!
    Added function that auto-mounts a CD when trying to play a file that is on that CD but the CD had been unmounted.
    Made some important improvements in the way MPG123 and OGG123 are handled.
    Added tree new settings to the config files ".stalmp3boxrc", regarding OGG/Vorbis and MP3 support.
    Fixed a few smaller bugs
-- Attention: I highly recommend you to upgrade from version 0.9.2 to this new version 0.9.3. And after doing that you'll have to change your ".stalmp3boxrc" file. Three new lines have to be added, look on the Install page. If you don't want to add them by hand and don't mind loosing your actual settings, then simply delete the file and start sTaLMP3Box and it'll create a new valid config file, which you then can modify in the usual ways.
Also please set OGG support and MPG support in the config file ".stalmp3boxrc" to the right values, so that there are now errors. Look in the Install page for details.
-- Made changes to:
Installation and Configuration Page (mostly issues regarding OGG/Vorbis and the new config file settings)
Hardware page (among other: I reduced the noise of the power supply fan by connecting it to 5 V instead of 12 V...)

-- Version 0.9.3 is almost ready to ship! ;) Main features and changes include:
   - OGG/Vorbis support!
   - Fixed some bugs
   - Added some smaller features
-- There are new different versions and formats of some libraries ready for download on the download page.

-- Good News!! I got the OGG/Vorbis support working. I'll probably release version 0.9.3 which will include Ogg/Vorbis support and some bug fixes in the next days.
-- Important: I corrected the package of the patched OGG/Vorbis on the download page. In the old one there was important stuff missing! So please ignore the old file. Download the one that's there now.

-- In the last days I've been working hardly on the Ogg/Vorbis support, and my testing version already plays ogg's! But there are some minor issues to resolve yet... So, version 0.9.3 of sTaLMP3Box will be out maybe in the beginning of January.
-- Just a small hint, unrelated to sTaLMP3Box: on the Contact page you find the link to a page where you can download my Kylix projects (among others a program that lets you convert Nokia Logo Files to Bitmap and vice-versa.)

-- Version 0.9.2 is out!! Main changes and features are:
    Fixed four bugs
    Added some more routines to grant stability and recuperation from potential crashes/errors
    Made the AddWholeCD-Routines NON-BLOCKING, what means that there is no more hanging up of the program if there are read errors on a CD while doing it, and, while scanning the CD you may still operate the program, play music, etc.
    Added the "0"-Key, which is a authentic Emergency-key: it kills all subprocesses of stalmp3box, so that, for example if you got the subprocess hanged up because of a read error on a CD, you may kill him with that key and he will be automatically restarted, meaning that you've got the problem handled!
And, by the way: A Merry Christmas to you all!! :)

-- Download page is finished! (added OGG/Vorbis)
-- Useful Stuff Page is finished, too!
-- Some minor changes on many pages
-- Resuming: it means that sTaLMP3Box's Website is complete! Now let the show begin!!! ;-)

-- The Hardware page is more or less completed!
-- And the Download page almost!
-- So, now only the Useful Stuff page is to be done, and that will happen soon.
-- Now you can already start building sTaLMP3Box because all needed documentation and all programs are here!
-- Version 0.9.2 is coming soon...

-- Started the Hardware Page! The very important stuff is already done: the connection of the LCD to the PC. More is coming soon!

-- The Installation Page is almost complete!
-- Now, the next thing to do is the Hardware page... Because when that is finished, those of you who are already planning to build your own sTaLMP3Box JukeBox, may finally start the work! :)

-- Check out the additions to the Installation Page! There will be more in a few days!
--Version 0.9.2 is already beeing "brewed"! It will be sent to CVS first and then there will be the public release.
Major Changes including:
   - Fixed various Bugs
   - Started with the OGG/Vorbis Support (will not be complete in this release yet, I'm afraid...)

-- Work is going on! ;-) Not as fast as some of you would like, but it's not easy, you know... Today I've added things in the installation and configuration section and now we've got mailing-lists, too! Check them out here:
Developer List (not public, ask me if you want access!)
User List (open and public! feel free to post your messages!)
Announce List (not very interesting yet... ;)
-- I've been watching the Statistics for this project on sourceforge, and it's growing! ;-) Which is very nice, but what would even be nicer, would be some feedback, I mean, tell me if you like my program, and any problems you had when testing it, or what you think that could be done better, things like that, you know! :-)

-- Updated almost all pages.
-- Started the Installation and Configuration page, check it out! It will be finished soon, so you all can build the project properly

-- Site is on-line! :) Still a lot of work to do on it...
-- But here we are: version 0.9.1 of sTaL-MP3Box is ready for download! Check it out ;)
-- Hardware and software recommendations and instructions for configuration and installation coming soon on this website under the respective pages. Till' then, read the introduction and the README file in the tarball...
-- Visit the SourceForge.Net Project Page of this software:
-- Any help with the programming or translation or testing/bug reporting or anything is always welcome (and needed ;)) ! For this, contact-me at: