On this page you find not only the links to download the newest version of sTaLMP3Box, you may also download fairly recent (already patched, if necessary) versions of all programs needed to use sTaLMP3Box properly. Here is aswell all other important and not so important stuff which is needed or recommended for building this project. But if you're looking for more documentation, images, config files, datasheets, etc., with other words, everything that I ever needed or found useful while developing and/or building this project, then look on the Useful Stuff page!

  • sTaLMP3Box:
    1. Version 1.0:

        Source Tarball (37 KB)

        Precompiled Binary (181 KB, also contains source)
    My useful Scripts for sTaLMP3Box:

  • Mount2:
    1. Shell-Script, Version 0.1 (0.05 KB)
  • s20stalmp3box:
    1. Shell-Script, Version 0.1 (0.03 KB)
    Here are all the other needed or recommended programs:
    (The following files and programs are all made by their authors and have their copyrights. So I have no responsability for these files and I give no warranty. Also, I can provide only some indications about how to install/compile them (look on the installation page) but I cannot help you if you get stuck while trying to compile some of these programs. In this case contact the respective author. The same happens when you find a bug or something: DON'T send your reports to ME!! Send them to the respective auhtor! As all of this software is FREE SOFTWARE I can distribute it here freely. All of the programs, except MPG123, are licensed under the GNU GPL. But MPG123 has its own license, read it! It doesn't allow you to use MPG123 commercially without contacting the author - so if you intend to build thousands of sTaLMP3Boxes (I think that'll never happen... But if yes, then please let me know!! ;-) consider to use MPG321 or, if you are in a country where you get restricted by the f*ck%ng software patents only allowing you to use MP3-decoding non-commercially, then use OGG/Vorbis only! It's better than MP3 and free of patents!)

  • MPG123:
    1. Source, Version 0.59s (239 KB)
  • MPG321:
    1. Debian Binary Package, Version 0.2.10 (33 KB)

      Requires following debian packages:

        libMAD 0.14.2b
        libID3Tag 0.14.2b
        zlibg 1.1.4
        libAO 0.8.2

      May require other packages... If you want RPM or Source packages of MPG321, go to or
  • OGG/Vorbis:
    1. Patched Source, Version 1.0-1 (1500 KB) -->> Read file REMOTE-PATCHED included with this tarball first before doing anything!
      The file includes libvorbis, libogg and vorbis-tools.

      To compile and use it you'll need these libraries: (get the file format you prefer. They'll all work. For other formats (i.e RPMs or DEBs) please search in the net, I only have these files. If you choose RPMs or DEBs, then you'll have to get the corresponding devel-package too, if you want to compile OGG/Vorbis.)

        libAO 0.8.3

          devel RPM
          Source GZ


          7.9.4 RPM
          7.9.4 devel RPM
          7.9 Source BZ2
          7.9.5 Debian Package
          7.9.5 Debian devel Package
  • CDSpeed:
    1. Source, Version 0.1 (2 KB)
  • SMixer:
    1. Source, Version 1.0.1 (10 KB)

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