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      My Kylix Projects Page -- among others a Nokia-Logo-File-to-Bitmap-and-Vice-Versa-Converter...
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    This website is copyright (c) 2002 by Elias Jahn, all rights reserved. You may not copy this website without my permission, with one exception: you may copy and distribute all the important stuff related to the software sTaLMP3Box when you plan to distribute my software, but please drop me a line before to let me know about your plans.
    The software itself is licensed and protected under the GPL - GNU General Public License which means that it is Free Software and that you may distribute, change and use it under the conditions of the GPL. See or for details. The complete GPL license is also provided in the tarball in the file COPYING. THIS SOFTWARE COMES WITH ABSOLUTLY NO WARRANTY. If you redistribute this software you must provide all licensing details (including the file COPYING) and the README file with it.

    In some countries there are restrictions and/or patent issues when using MP3-Decoders and -Encoders commercially, so be careful and respect all patent rights if you pretend to build and sell MP3-Jukebox-Computers based on this project. These restrictions do not apply for private usage or selling in small quantities, but if you don't want any restrictions at all, then you should forget about the MP3-Format and use my software only with the free, open and patent-free OGG/Vorbis Codec, which is a full valid substitute for MP3s.

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